Meadville Tribune

September 9, 2013

Vernon cops confiscate $30K in marijuana plants

Meadville Tribune

VERNON TOWNSHIP — A teenager playing in the woods who stumbled across some odd-looking plants has led police to confiscate approximately $30,000 in marijuana plants.

Vernon Township Police Department officers confiscated about 20 5-foot-tall plants from a wooded area off Route 322 near North Watson Run Road on Monday afternoon, according to Chief Randy Detzel.

“I cannot stress enough our appreciation for the young man and his parents coming to us,” Detzel said. The teen reported what he saw to his parents and the trio went to the police.

“It has been a while since I’ve seen any plants this big,” Detzel said, explaining that the street value of the marijuana harvest from a plant of that size is about $1,500.

No charges have been filed in the case yet, the chief said, but “we have some good, solid leads. We are still investigating.”