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October 24, 2013

County jail warden addresses criticisms


SAEGERTOWN — Inmates Whitman and Butterfield

I am glad I get to finally speak on what information I have on these two inmates. Mr. Byrd you state that Mr. Joshua Whitman and Mr. Jonathan Butterfield was allegedly assaulted at Crawford County Correctional Facility while they were incarcerated here and Pennsylvania State Police not called. Here’s what I, along with each and every other of my staff learned from the assaults on these 2 inmates. It’s alleged by both Mr. Whitman and Mr. Butterfield that that you informed these two inmates that if they would get into an altercation with CCCF staff to the point to where there was blood or scrapes, marks or bruising, that you would get them out of jail. Thinking this was true, these two inmates did just as you are alleged of telling them to do. They make a plan, but in the process of planning they try to get other inmates to take part in this also. The smarter inmate’s want nothing to do with it. As a matter of FACT, what I show on record is the smarter inmates inform the CCCF staff prior to any of this taking place, with the plan, the time, and how it was to all go down. These two inmates did just as they were told to do allegedly by Mr. Byrd and what they told the other inmates they were going to do. They started and caused a commotion, thinking they could get my staff to go in and do bodily harm to them. First let me say I can honestly sit here and say I don’t have any bad or unprofessional staff here. They’re all trained on how to deal with these types of situations and they do it very professionally manner. Now, you Mr. Byrd as someone that’s not familiar with these types of take down maneuvers body moves, may think in your mind that the inmate is being assaulted or beat up, when in fact they’re not. It’s how each CCCF staff, along with any other correctional officer is trained to protect themselves as well as other inmates, citizens and the facility itself. But at any rate my staff handled this incident as they are trained to do. I have written documents from both staff and inmates pertaining to this incident that will show it was a planned attempt to get out of jail, a plan that failed and one that would have never taken place in this county, and these two inmates did not get hurt or assaulted in any manner when my staff had to deal with this incident.

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