Meadville Tribune

October 21, 2013

No property tax increase and no cut in services expected in Vernon Township in 2014

By Konstantine Fekos
The Meadville Tribune

VERNON TOWNSHIP — For the 17th year in a row township supervisors do not expect to raise the property tax or cut services.

The supervisors projected a possible 2014 budget of $1,345,000 at a special meeting Monday afternoon.

Supervisors approved a motion to direct Lori Swavey, township secretary, to advertise the preliminary budget, down $32,000 from last year in income and expenses, according to the 2014 Profit & Loss Budget Overview.

The 2014 financial plan is subject to change before it’s anticipated adoption in early December.

Supervisors expect the budget will be completed by their November meeting.

“In the past 16 years we’ve never raised millage and always had a balanced budget,” said Bob Davis, supervisor chairman. “That’s what we (expect) again this year.”