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October 17, 2013

Edinboro University official: Music degrees won’t be cut

Meadville Tribune

EDINBORO — The Bachelor of Arts degrees in music and music education are no longer among the cuts proposed by Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, according to a statement emailed to the university’s students, faculty and staff this afternoon.

“Thanks to much hard work and creativity among many, we will continue to offer quality music programs,” said Michael J. Hannan, interim provost and vice president for academic affairs, who emailed the statement.

The music department will be leaner with fewer faculty, Hannan wrote, adding, “but (Edinboro) will still offer a high-quality program and be able to offer approximately half of our ensembles, thus still allowing both music majors and non-majors the opportunity to participate in music performance experiences. Music is and will continue to be an important part of an Edinboro education and our campus culture.”

“The continuation of these degrees resulted from close work with department leadership and faculty input,” Hannan wrote. “The efforts were spurred by the leadership and commitment to the arts of President Julie Wollman, as well as by the strong support of the program’s current students and many successful alumni.”

On Sept. 11 it was proposed by Edinboro University administrators that more than 40 faculty positions and five academic majors may be cut in an attempt to balance a $5.5 million structural deficit for the current fiscal year.

Hannan was not immediately available to respond on what other cuts may be made to balance the deficit.