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July 23, 2013

Reduced weight limits for some bridges in wake of funding shortfall


HARRISBURG — Finnerty reports from Harrisburg for Community Newspaper Holdings Inc.’s Pennsylvania newspapers, including The Meadville Tribune. Follow him on Twitter @cnhipa.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has already identified 1,086 bridges that will either have weight limits placed on them or that already have weigh limits which will be lowered because needed repairs will not be made. Nine of those 1,086 bridges are in Crawford County and include:

- Route 6 a 15-foot bridge over a tributary of French Creek in Cambridge Springs with an average of 3,719 vehicles a day

- Route 8, a 140-foot bridge over Oil Creek East Branch in Centerville with an average of 3,478 vehicles a day.

- Route 198, a 12-foot bridge over Cussewago Creek tributary in Summerhill Township near Foster Road with an average of 2,007 vehicles a day.

- Route 408, a 192-foot bridge over Oil Creek (already posted) in Hydetown with an average of 1,729 vehicles a day.

- Route 408, a 78-foot bridge over Thompson Creek in Hydetown with an average of 2,533 vehicles a day.

- Route 86, a 72-foot bridge over Gravel Run in Woodcock with an average of 2,595 vehicles a day.

- Route 1032, a 31-foot bridge on Mageetown Road over Shirley Run in Rome Township with an average of 167 vehicles a day.

- Route 2017, a 34-foot bridge on Fauncetown Road over Sugar Creek in Troy Township with an average of 450 vehicles a day

- Route 2028, a 158-foot bridge on Enterprise Road over Pine Creek (already posted) in Oil Creek Township with an average of 2,137 vehicles a day.

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