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April 9, 2013

Returned ring a testament to goodness of human spirit


MEADVILLE — An unexpected visit

Nine days after Valentine’s Day, the Terrills showed up at my workplace stating they needed to speak to me. I was quite busy with patient care while they sat quietly in the waiting room for a moment of my time. I sent two staff members out to see what could be done to assist them, but they just smiled smugly and said, “We will wait until we can talk to Rebecca.”

I hurried as best I could; almost an hour after their arrival, I was able to slip out to the waiting room to see what was so important they couldn’t share with anyone else. They had made it quite clear it was a non-patient issue, and I could sense some expectation or excitement when I approached. I opened the conversation by asking if they were continuing to have problems, and they quickly stated they were not and that they had loved the cream I provided them with and had used it all.

Clarence nervously tapped Nancy on the knee as she looked for something in her purse. After expressing how happy they were with their care, Clarence proceeded to ask me if I had lost anything precious to me recently. The hair stood up on the back of my neck as I swallowed the thought of my ring. I replied that I had lost my wedding diamond approximately four months previously. Clarence immediately asked what it looked like and as I tried to describe it, my brain was scrambling as to how these two could possibly have my ring.

Nancy quickly chimed in that they had used every bit of the cream I had provided them. She went on to state just two days previously, she had reached in to clean the last bit of cream out of the jar when she hooked onto a round metal object. First, she thought it was the washer off a spigot. She called Clarence to her side and together they cleaned it up and realized it was, indeed, a diamond ring.

“We didn’t know if it would be yours or perhaps from someone at the factory where the cream was processed, but we knew if we asked you, we’d find out,” Nancy said.

As I dropped to my knees in front of them and fought back tears of joy, Nancy pulled a baggie from her purse containing my precious wedding ring. It must have flipped right into the jar as I removed my gloves the day I provided the cream to them. I couldn’t wait to tell my husband.

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