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November 28, 2012

Area man bags potential Crawford County record-breaking deer


TOWNVILLE — Boone and Crockett Club measuring system for typical whitetail deer involved a series of careful measurements of a buck’s antlers, or rack, and can be done only by an official judge.

All measurements must be made with a 1/4-inch wide flexible steel tape to the nearest one-eighth of an inch. A flexible steel cable can be used to measure points and main beams only. Fractional figures are entered in eighths.

Some of the measurements, as listed at the club’s web site, are:

- Points, which must be at least one inch long, with the length exceeding width at one inch or more of length. The beam tip is counted as a point, but not measured as a point.

- Tip to tip spread

The tip to tip spread is measured between the tips of the main beams.

- Greatest spread

The greatest spread is measured between perpendiculars at a right angle to the center line of the skull at the widest part, whether across main beams or points.

- Inside spread of main beams

The inside spread of main beams is measured at a right angle to the center line of the skull at the widest point between main beams.

- Circumference at smallest place between burr and first point

- Circumference at smallest place each point.

- More information: Go to online.


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