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June 23, 2013

Recalling retired judges saves money, raises questions


HARRISBURG — Finnerty reports from Harrisburg for Community Newspaper Holdings Inc.’s Pennsylvania newspapers, including The Meadville Tribune. Follow him on Twitter @cnhipa.

Top-earning retired judges in 2012

-Robert Colville, Superior Court

$129,642 (recall pay)

$28,344.72 (pension)

Total: $157,986

-James Fitzgerald, Superior Court

$112,496 (recall pay)

$83,197.08 (pension)

Total: $195,693

-William Platt, Superior Court

$111,670 (recall pay)

$59,347.08 (pension)

Total: $171,017

-Lawrence Brenner, Lehigh County

$95,146 (recall pay)

$58,049 (pension)

Total: $153,195

-Ricardo Jackson, Philadelphia

$90,685 (recall pay)

$75,095 (pension)

Total: $165,780

Note: Fitzgerald retired from the Supreme Court, so even though he is serving part-time on the Superior Court, his compensation/pension package is allowed to exceed the $188,337 a year salary of a full-time Superior Court. Supreme Court Justices are paid $199,606 a year.

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