Meadville Tribune

January 26, 2014

Homestead/farmstead applications mailed

Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — Crawford County Chief Assessor Joe Galbo reminds residents in Crawford County that some of them received an important piece of mail in December. County school districts mailed out homestead/farmstead applications to those resident homeowners who have not submitted them and have them approved for abatements in the last few years by the Crawford County Assessment Office.

Those already approved for the homestead/farmstead exclusion do not need to re-apply and will not be mailed applications. It is very important that all property owners submit the application for only their primary resident property. The General Assembly also did not qualify Commercial properties for the Act 1 tax abatement.

All school districts have sent out this application to individuals listed as owners of the un-enrolled property as of Sept. 1, 2013. Individuals who have purchased properties since then and all others who have acquired new properties for use as their primary residence that are not currently enrolled in the homestead program should apply in person at the Crawford County Assessment Office located in the Crawford County Courthouse since no further applications are to be mailed.

All individuals wishing to apply for the farmstead exclusion must also apply in person to the Assessment Office in the Crawford County Courthouse with documentation substantiating that they are attempting to generate agricultural income on the parcel where there primary residence is located.

The due date for all applications is March 1, but the school districts within Crawford County urge the public to file as soon as possible. A 24-hour informational message will be available by dialing 373-2532 until March 2, answering the most commonly asked questions about the application.