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July 2, 2013

Former local's health cooking show wins regional Emmy


MEADVILLE — Life after fame

Meadville friends and family sure aren’t forgotten, as Mascia makes at least one annual trip back to her hometown. True to her lifestyle, she’ll even buy local produce in support of Crawford County’s growers.

The local buzz between Mascia’s local family and friends is undeniable, according to her parents, who receive tapes of each episode from their daughter.

“Everyone’s extremely proud of her,” Jeanette said. “We all knew she could do it, but an Emmy’s still pretty impressive.”

“It’s nice to see someone have a goal like that, to make the right decisions and succeed,” Richard added. “It’s hard to do in this day and age.”

Mascia’s parents urged her to press on through the various ups and downs, promising she would eventually reach success and admittedly not being too surprised when she did.

“Both of my parents have done so much from day one in making sure that I succeeded,” Mascia said. “They have been my endless, tireless supporters and have never let me give up on this crazy dream of making a TV show.”

Now that the show is officially classified as “award-winning,” Mascia hopes to realize her next goal of national syndication and spreading her fun food message across the country.

Until then, she plans to shoot more seasons, acquire more sponsorship and hopefully propel the show all the way back home.

“I’m trying desperately to get the show (aired) locally,” Mascia said, hoping the show will be picked up by an Erie or Pittsburgh network. “I’m calling every single station and asking if they want to air the show. We’re hoping the Emmy really brings in some advertising and sponsors for us.”

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