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September 18, 2013

Kids can claim a Holstein calf

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP — For 10-year-old Lexie Moore, winning a registered Holstein calf of her very own in Crawford County Holstein Club’s 2012 Calf Ring has continued to be a winning experience. Such a winning experience, in fact, that she’s urging others to give it a try.

In the 4-H competition at the recently-completed Crawford County Fair, for example, Lexie took first in showmanship — putting the exhibited animal through its paces in the show ring — and second in fitting — grooming the exhibited animal to bring out all its best features. To make things even better, Molly, Lexie’s 6-month-old heifer — a female ruminant mammal of the genus Bos who won’t, in case you were wondering, qualify to be called a cow until she’s given birth to her first calf — made a respectable showing herself in the “type” competition.

In other venues, just a week before the Crawford County Fair Molly ranked fifth out of a field of 43 competitors during her first outing at the Lawrence County Fair. During the recently-completed All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, Lexie (and Molly) went into the ring against 150 competitors from 15 states including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and California to place 10th in the Junior Showmanship Contest. Molly also placed fifth out of 20 competitors for best Holstein in her category.

Here’s how the contest works. Each year since 1999, the club has given registered Holstein calves to one or more winners of its annual essay contest, depending on the number of available calves. The winner(s) in turn agrees to show the heifer at the first eligible Crawford County Fair, breed the heifer to a registered Holstein bull and return the cow’s first registered Holstein calf to the club to be donated to another essay winner.

Over the years, a total of 24 calves have been received by 24 essay winners. Twelve of those winners have returned their first heifer calf to be given to another winner, 10 calves have been donated by Crawford County Holstein breeders and five winners are waiting for heifer calves to be born.

The winner of the 2013 contest will receive a white calf that was born during, but not at, this year’s Crawford County Fair. The calf is being returned by Chandler Hazlett, winner of the 2011 contest.

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