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November 21, 2012

Local police: Threatening email is a scam

Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — A threatening online email apparently starting to appear in the Meadville area is a scam, according to local authorities.

The menacing email claims the recipient will be killed unless $5,000 is paid.

However, on closer examination, the text of the email is generic in nature. While the text of the email doesn’t include names, it can be intimidating enough at first glance. Chief David Stefanucci of Meadville Police Department said the department had received at least two notifications about it. One was sent to an employee address at the Crawford County Courthouse and another to an employee address at The Meadville Tribune.

Both of the threatening emails were sent from the same email address, and police are checking into the matter, Stefanucci said.

Det. Sgt. Eric Young said the email is a variation of past scams such as the Nigerian-based business partner scam where people are asked to divulge personal information in return for a share of millions of dollars.

“They’re looking for people with gullibility,” Young said of the email. “They’re trying to intimidate people into giving out information.”

Young said it appears the email is being sent out in bulk, attacking local computer server units and then being sent to area email accounts.

Both Stefanucci and Young are advising people not to be alarmed if they receive such an email.

If persons receive such an email, they should contact Meadville Police at 724-6100 if they live within the Meadville city limits; or contact Crawford County 911 Center if they live outside of Meadville’s city limits, to be put in contact with the appropriate police agency.

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