Meadville Tribune

August 1, 2013

Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park issue statement on fire

Meadville Tribune

CONNEAUT LAKE PARK — Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park issued a statement Thursday on the fire at The Beach Club and Dockside. The statement notes all other areas of the park are operating. The statement in its entirety:

The Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park extend heartfelt condolences to the partners, families, and workers of Park Restoration for the tireless hours and the investments made to restore these buildings. The loss for both the Trustees and Park Restoration is significant, as well as those with reservations and plans to use these facilities. The good times there will long be remembered and cherished.

As of this writing the parties have not met to determine the future of the site.

We cannot lose faith however that although the landscape has changed, the desire is strong to press forward with our mission to develop and operate the Park for future generations.

Details regarding the fire are still under investigation, and therefore it is premature to divulge at this time.

The remaining areas of the Park including the rides and concessions, the Hotel Conneaut, and Camperland will continue to be operate as usual and the Park After Dark opening of the new attraction will still be at 7 p.m. on Saturday Aug. 3 in the midway.


Jack Moyers

Chairperson, Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park Inc.