Meadville Tribune

August 27, 2013

Weight limits lowered on many area bridges

Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — Twenty-one state-owned bridges in the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 1’s six-county region will be posted with new or lowered weight restrictions to slow the rate of deterioration of those bridges and ensure safety.

Those structures are among about 1,000 structurally deficient bridges statewide that PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch authorized for new or added weight restrictions last week.

PennDOT is taking this step because legislative inaction on transportation funding left uncertain the department’s ability to repair or replace these bridges. The lower weight limits will help extend the service life of these deteriorating bridges.

The following is a list of local state-owned bridges that will be posted in coming weeks, along with the new weight restrictions. The list includes combination loads, primarily tractor trailers, which have higher weight limits because of the difference in how their weight is distributed:

Crawford County

- Route 6 (French Creek Parkway) over French Creek in Woodcock Township, 36 tons, or 40 tons for combination loads.

- Route 6 over a tributary to French Creek in Cambridge Springs Borough, 32, or 38.

- Route 8 (Erie Street) over Oil Creek East Branch in Centerville Borough 32, or 40.

- Route 408 (Thompson Street) over Oil Creek in Hydetown Borough, 27, or 39.

- Route 408 (Thompson Street) over Thompson Creek in Hydetown Borough, 33, or 40.

- Route 86 (Main Street) over Gravel Run in Woodcock Borough, 32, or 40.

- Route 1032 (Mageetown Road) over Shirley Run in Rome Township, 32, or 40.

- Route 2017 (Fauncetown Road) over Sugar Creek in Troy Township, 26, or 36.

Erie County

- Route 2008 (Stone Quarry Road) over a tributary to French Creek in LeBoeuf Township, 28 tons, or 40 tons for combination loads.

Mercer County

- Route 158 (Mercer Road) over Brandy Run in East Lackawannock Township, 36 tons, or 40 tons for combination loads.

- Route 318 (Main Street) over Interstate 376 in Shenango Township, 33, or 38.

- Route 318 (Mercer-West Middlesex Road) over a tributary of Little Neshannock Creek in Lackawannock Township, 35, or 39.

- Route 318 over Little Neshannock Creek in East Lackawannock Township, 33, or 39.

- Route 2017 (North Foster Road) over Cool Spring Creek in Fairview Township, 35, or 40.

Venango County

- Route 322 (Wyattville Bridge) over Sugar Creek in Sugarcreek Borough, 33 tons or 39 tons for combination loads.

- Route 4010 (Sugar Creek Drive) over Sugar Creek in Sugarcreek Borough, 28, or 39.

PennDOT will begin posting new weight limits on these bridges as soon as Thursday.

- More information: Visit and click on “Bridge Information.”