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January 7, 2014

West Mead sets 2014 meeting dates

Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — The township’s Board of Supervisors has set its meetings for 2014 and approved a series of appointments.

At their reorganizational meeting Monday night, the supervisors unanimously approved holding their 2014 meetings the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the township building with a study session preceding each meeting at 6 p.m. Both sessions are open to the public.

The following appointments were approved by unanimous vote:

- Bill Rosenberger as chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

- Michael Jordan as vice chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

- Supervisor John Shartle as roadmaster and recommended to the township Board of Auditors that he receive a pay of $20.75 an hour and approval to take a township truck home between Nov. 1 and April 15 in order to check roads during the winter months.

- Jill Dunlap as secretary/treasurer.

- Alan Shaddinger as the township’s attorney.

- Deiss and Halmi Engineering as the township’s engineering consultant.

- Michael Rinkevich a sewage enforcement officer with Pete Homchenko as alternate.

- Dunlap as code enforcement officer.

- Middle Department Inspection Agency for third party inspection agency.

- Chip Brown as police chief.

- Glenn Malliard as assistant chief of police.

- Mary Kennedy as assistant secretary.

- Shartle as council on government delegate with Jordan as first alternate, Rosenberger as second alternate and Dunlap as third alternate.

- Dunlap as county tax collection delegate with Rosenberger as first alternate.

- Phillip Passilla as a one-year zoning hearing board member.

- Jeff McFadden as a three-year zoning hearing board member.

- Chip Fuller as a three-year zoning hearing board alternate.

- Ashley Porter as a three-year appeals code board member.

- Gene Wisinski as a five-year Meadville Area Recreation Authority Board member and Duane Koller as a one-year member.

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