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Our Generation

August 24, 2006

Salutatorian Speech: Crystal Smith, Cochranton High School

Tonight we are gathered here to recognize the students seated behind me.

These are your sons and daughters, your sisters and brothers, your grandchildren, your friends, and your pupils. As most of them know I am a “talented” speaker. They have witnessed me present a two-minute demonstration speech in less than twenty seconds. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not showing everyone here how to do something. I just hope that tonight you are all able to take away something that I’ve said and carry it forward into your future lives.

A teacher recently asked the senior class on our final, “What is the universal meaning of life?”

As I sat there looking at the paper a torrent of thoughts swept through my brain. I thought of my life. What has defined me? What has made me who I am? Time spent with my family came to mind. Then moments of growing up with these talented, funny, smart, caring, and dedicated people entered my thoughts.

Now I was contemplating a simple way to sum it all up. The teacher only gave us enough room for one paragraph, and it seemed as if I could write a whole book on what life was. I don’t know what your sons and daughters wrote but I can tell you what I managed to write down in the remaining time I had.

Life is everything. It is the small moments like talking with friends, or hanging out at Perkins. Life is the big moments. When we went on our senior trip, then we almost left Jennifer and Tiffany at the Mall, Track and Field Day, the marching bands trip to Michigan, and an unforgettable event, tonight. Our lives are full of moments with our families, friends, and teachers. We spent so many moments in this building. We all have memories in this very gymnasium, in the halls right outside these doors. Even more memories of the classes we were in with our friends. We have learned so very much and yet there is so much more.

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Our Generation