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August 9, 2012

Avoiding the back pain of back-to-school


Parents also can help with backpack-related pain:

  • Encourage your child or teenager to tell you about pain or discomfort that may be caused by a heavy backpack, like numbness or tingling in the arms or legs.
  • Purchase a backpack appropriate for the size of your child and look for any changes in your child's posture when he or she wears the backpack.
  • Watch your child put on or take off the backpack to see if it is a struggle. Do not ignore red marks on the shoulders if your child or teenager expresses discomfort.
  • Talk to the school about lightening the load. Keep the load under 10-15 percent of the child's body weight.
  • Be sure the school allows students to stop at their lockers throughout the day.

The Academy also says teachers can help by remaining aware of how much weight children are carrying in their backpack and planning lessons to avoid a heavy load of books. Also, teachers should allow enough time for kids to stop by their lockers to drop off books.

Story provided by ConsumerAffairs.

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