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November 3, 2009

Grease slicks up the Academy Theatre stage

by Hannah Spahn/ Contributing writer

Have you ever had the chance to spend your summer with your true love and once the summer was over you went your separate ways?

That’s what happens to Sandy (played by Hannah Spahn) and Danny (Mitchell King) in the famous musical “Grease” being performed by French Creek Community Theater.

They believe they will never see each other again, but suddenly Sandy transfers to the high school where Danny attends. On Sandy’s first day she is befriended by Frenchy (Allison Shafer), a wannabe beautician.

They join Jan (Amber Festa), a compulsive eater; Marty (Ciara Petrick), the flirt; and Rizzo (Nicole Mauri); the leader of the Pink Ladies who despises girls like Sandy. Danny joins Kenickie (Sean Tepe), the owner of the car “Greased Lightning”; Roger (Kreig Spahn), the sarcastic mooning champ; Sonny (Thomas Hunter), the ladies’ man; and Doody (Austin Acel); the wannabe greaser.

When Danny and Sandy are reunited, Danny, trying to seem cool, pretends like nothing happened between them over the summer and Sandy learns the hard way what it’s like to be in love. As the plot evolves, we learn more about the characters and the troubles they face.

French Creek Community Theater, under the direction of Doug Burdick, will be performing “Grease.” Since the very beginning this theater group has been open to people from anywhere and of any age.

Josie Lazusky, 16, from Cochranton said, “The theater is like my second home. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people.” Besides for performing, the cast also volunteered their time at events like the Pumpkin Festival and the breast cancer awareness event “Think Pink” at Photographs by Julie.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to the community and help others, and it is great that French Creek Community Theater is doing more than just performing shows.

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