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October 22, 2009

REVIEW: Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre: The Musical

Submitted by Eric Brockman

MCT presents “Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre: The Musical”

This is a fun show with a simple plot and a slight twist. I wasn’t surprised to find that Angus Kohm the author of “Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre: The Musical” was from Canada. It had to be someone from a place like Meadville where the weather more often than not keeps you inside watching old slasher movies. A place where our warped minds can make fun of anything and everything. There are a lot of plot clues in the title.

If this play was rated like a movie, it would probably receive a PG 13. Jessie Surdyk, the talented director and stage manager, joked that the cast feels it should be rated PG-15. The night I watched the show it was almost “R” rated due to a costume malfunction for Dr. Loopus (Jess Miller). There is some sexual innuendo, a little swearing, and most of the cast gets killed off (i.e.: Massacre)

The musical numbers are not familiar songs: There Was a Massacre, Crazy Mixed up Psychopathic Killer, The Madman Is Nuts: Are titles of a few of the songs. The three pledges each have a solo to show off their talent.  Jewell (Monica Sheakly) comes alive with “I Feel like a Walk”. The enticing Linnea (Kim Langin) sexes things up with “Come and Get Me”. The puns abound. My favorite piece had to be “A Severed Head”, the duet between the third pledge Jamie Lee (Caitlyn Fuoco) and Alvin (Dominic Delgreco). I will seek out any show that these two are in, wow they’re good.

This is a well paced show without an intermission. The Bimbos (1 through 9) and other supporting cast fill the stage with a constant tableau of comedy and action. If I had one complaint it would be that I want to see the show again. So I can catch all the physical and verbal humor that is going on.

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