EAST FALLOWFIELD TOWNSHIP — In Ron Resele’s roughly 35 years living on Adamsville/PPG Road he has never seen his back yard look like it did Monday. Resele was pretty close to having a moat around his house and had water flowing through his large garage and into the street.

“It hasn’t been this bad for a long time,” said Resele as a sump pump spurted water into the yard.

His basement was one of many that was saturated Monday after heavy rains early that morning. Flooding collapsed culverts pipe, damaged roads and created sink holes in some roads in West Fallowfield, North Shenango, South Shenango and East Mead townships.

As of the Tribune’s press deadline, Linn Road in North Shenango from Morning View to Fries Road, Oil Creek Road in East Mead, and portions of Scott and South Lake roads in South Shenango were still closed.

Mike White, assistant chief of North Shenango Volunteer Fire Department, said calls started coming in a 4:34 a.m. for flooded houses, flooded basements, and a car that crashed into a utility pole on State Highway 285. The driver wasn’t hurt.

“At that point also we already had roadways washed out,” said White. “Within two hours of our initial dispatch the water already subsided substantially.”

Parts of Countyline, Pine and Laird roads in East Fallowfield Township, however, were still closed Monday afternoon before later reopening after Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and local municipalities made repairs or cleared debris. A 10-foot section of South Lake Road had collapsed in a sink hole.

Residents like Resele just hope the rain will hold off enough for the water table to fall.

“The storm we had Thursday, it kind of saturated the land,” said Resele, who pointed out a culvert that wasn’t working properly for some of the excess water problems he incurred. “Nowhere to go to. It has to find someplace to sit.”

Chad Ferguson, who lives near where South Lake Road collapsed, said his father told him Pymatuning Lake seemed to be rising higher as the day progressed because of runoff.

When he awoke Monday morning he was surprised to find his road was cordoned off.

“We just can’t go south,” said Ferguson, who mentioned he has to take a three-miles detour.

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