Meadville Tribune


October 21, 2011

Opinion: Change in law would hurt small businesses


This governing board, for example, claims to have simplified definitions of what's taxable, but it defines beef jerky as “candy” while defining cotton candy as not candy.

If this all seems a little ridiculous and unfair to you, you’re not the only one. Not a single Republican in Congress has joined the Democrats sponsoring these bills. On the other hand, there was wide bi-partisan support for the House resolution, Supporting the Preservation of Internet Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses, to protect small businesses from just this sort of tax collection burden.

So there’s no bi-partisan support in Congress, no protection for small business, and no real simplification. Maybe that’s because the Main Street Fairness Act will neither benefit Main Street or deliver fairness.


Steve Delbianco is a technology expert and executive director of NetChoice, a coalition of e-commerce trade associations and online businesses, including eBay and the Electronic Retailing Association.

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